Synergy Flavours is a leading manufacturer and supplier of flavourings, extracts and essences. Part of Carbery Group, they have extensive experience across food, beverage and nutritional products industries, developing high quality taste solutions which inspire innovation and can help you stay one step ahead of the competition. Synergy combines a long heritage of flavour development with modern extraction technology to offer an exceptional array of tastes.

Treatt is a global team of innovative scientists, ground-breaking technologists and creative thinkers delivering exceptional natural extracts and ingredients enjoyed by millions of people, every day. Working at the cutting edge of the flavour and fragrance industry, they create outstanding ingredients, designed around their customers’ needs. Treatt has a diverse portfolio with a strong and established background in citrus. They provides everything from 100% natural ingredients made from the named food, tailor made blends and synthetics to impactful aroma chemicals.

Quest Ingredients manufactures the highest grade of botanical extracts for use by a wide range of industries, including the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, health and agricultural industries. Botanical extracts can be supplied in a wide range of forms and potencies, depending on its function, application and intended purpose. Quest also have more than 5500 flavours in their library, which are suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries.